Ryan’s 2015 Movie Rankings

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Yes, we’re already three weeks into 2016 but I finally managed to put together my movie rankings for 2015.  Because life.  I only managed to see 51 films this year, a paltry sum compared to Watson when he isn’t even trying. And eight of those were on a plane to or from China, making the theater total even lower.  Definitely a busy year, but overall a great one for movies.  Head after the jump to see how I ranked all 51!

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Grading My 2015 Bold Predictions

goldcoinsGabbingGeek.com was only a few weeks old when I wrote about my bold predictions for 2015 movies.   Now that we know the rankings for the year, it’s time to judge those bold predictions.  Jump after the break to find out why I hate Jurassic World even more.

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What If Disney Princesses Dressed as Superheroines?


What if our favorite Disney Princesses decided to don a new look, and dress up as Superheroines? Who would they be? Well, thanks to Artist Isaiah K Stephens we can see what these amazing women would look like with their alter egos. For example,  Aurora  above has chosen to dress up as Daenerys Targaryen. See Belle, Ariel, and so much more after the break.

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Disney Films Imaginatively Re-Imagined!


The Emperor’s New Groove is not the biggest hit in the Disney Animation stable.  But the villain Yzma resonated enough for a talented artist to envision her in various other Disney classics.  Thank goodness for the internet!  See the creative takes on some classic Disney films after the jump.

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Trailer Time: The Jungle Book


Remember when Mel Brooks decided to take some of his old comedies and turn them into Broadway musicals?  It worked out pretty well for the guy.  Well, Disney decided somewhere along the line that what they really needed to do is take some of its classic animated films and turn them into live action movies.  So, we got a live action Cinderella, that Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland…thing, and the villain’s side of Sleeping Beauty with Maleficent.  But that may be kid’s stuff compared to the next one, namely The Jungle Book, where most of the cast is a bunch of talking animals and one kid.

See the trailer after the cut.  I am not sure if it is even remotely faithful to Rudyard Kipling’s original, but Kipling was clearly not thinking far enough ahead in terms of special effects advancement in the motion picture era.  I mean, really.  Where else were we going to get Bill Murray as Baloo the bear?

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Geek Art Appreciation: Disney Oil Paintings


Today’s look at some amazing Geek art comes from the brilliant mind and brush of Heather Theurer.  Enjoy!

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Five Animated Shorts For Five Female Animation Pioneers


This year, in celebration of the Annecy festival’s focus on women animation artists, the mini-shorts made by Gobelins paid tribute to women animation pioneers.

The shorts aren’t intended to be literal biographies, but rather to evoke the life and accomplishments of each artist. The five artists honored with films were Mary Blair, the Disney Studio’s most influential woman art director; Evelyn Lambart, first Canadian woman animators; Claire Parker, co-inventor of the pinscreen animation technique; Lotte Reiniger, director of the first European animated feature; and Alison de Vere, the first woman to win an award at Annecy.

See each short after the break:

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Original Geek Art: Countdown To Midnight


Artist kawacy urges us to “Never look back. – If Cinderella went back to pick up her shoe, she wouldn’t have become a princess.”

I couldn’t agree more 🙂

Twisted Princess: Not Every Story Has A Happy Ending


A few of these “Twisted Princess” images from Jeftoon01 have been floating around the internet for a while, but as of late, the creator behind “Twisted Princess” has added a few more horror stories to his gallery. The artist takes our beloved Disney Princesses and turns them into true works of deviation from their normal story. Check out our favorite twisted stories arcs after the break:

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So You Like Geek Art? This Is Great Geek Art!


While browsing Imgur, I came across some amazing art by a talented creator.  Really interesting pin-up style.  I worry that Gabbing Geek’s own Jenny is going to be unhappy with the Spider-Woman pose, though.  It’s not FULL “rooftop”, but it is slightly “rooftop”….

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