The Origin of Marvel’s Civil War Revealed!


Okay, not the real origin.  But there’s an absolutely hilarious gallery over at imgur  that reveals several fan theories as to how the Marvel Cinematic Universe Civil War is going to start.  Go check it out!

Russo Brothers Confirm More Civil War Combatants

The Russo brothers talk about Captain America: Civil War during an interview in China and confirm that Sebastian Stan and Scarlett Johansson will appear in the movie.  This shouldn’t surprise any fans of Cap.  We already knew Sebastian Stan signed a contract for a billion Marvel movies–the only surprise will be finding out which movies he won’t appear in.  And Black Widow already showed up in Cap 2, so being in Cap 3 is about as exciting as discovering it will have an end credits scene as well.  But, you know, confirmed!


h/t to Jimmy Impossibe!

Spidey Joining Avengers? This Will Give You Chills!

Do we dare to dream?
Do we dare to dream?

Latino Review is reporting that there is a deal in place (link has many spoilers) to have Spider-Man return to the Marvel fold for the Avengers Infinity War movies.  The article has a rumored spoiler ending for Captain America: Civil War that paves the way for Spider-Man to join the team in the first Infinity War film and…it’s pretty convincing.  Latino Review has missed some calls but they’ve also nailed some huge ones, like the direction of the DC cinematic universe long before anything was official.  So take it all with a grain of salt, but take your grain of salt with a grain of salt too. Continue reading Spidey Joining Avengers? This Will Give You Chills!

Captain America: Civil War Production Details 


Excited about Ant-Man?  Lot of news about that lately.  Avengers 2 coming out.  We should discuss the relationship between Vision and Jarvis.  Yeah, screw that, let’s talk about Civil War!  Anthony Mackie (aka the Falcon) teased some filming locations of the much anticipated Iron Man 4 err….we mean Captain America 3. (RDJ is a supporting actor).

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