Podcast Reaction: My God, Krull Edition

I haven't actually seen this movie, but its already ahead of "Krull" in my mind.
I haven’t actually seen this movie, but its already ahead of “Krull” in my mind.

This week on the podcast, the guys and Jenny discussed some blind spots and James Cameron movies, one of which was a blind spot for Jenny.

I don’t want to discuss that.

I want to discuss Krull.

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Podcast Reaction: Rewatch Edition

Seen here:  a Cursed Movie.
Seen here: a Cursed Movie.

This week on the podcast there was a lot of revisiting.  The guys and Jenny rewatched Close Encounters of the Third Kind and at least pretended to reread Ready Player One.  I couldn’t do the first since I loaned my DVD to a co-worker trying to give her son a geek pop culture education, which I have to approve of.  As for Ready Player One, I am on-record for saying that while I did enjoy the book, I wasn’t the huge fan of it that Ryan at least is, since I don’t generally go for nostalgia, particularly 80s nostalgia.  I lived through those years once and very much  believe in living in the now.  A pop culture world that stopped in 1989 is pretty sad in my opinion.

So, I rewatched Clue.

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Is There A…Clue Curse?

Just like finding a mummy's tomb!
Just like finding a mummy’s tomb!

Ratings for the live Oscar broadcast were down 16% this year.  Now, there are many reasons why this could have happened, ranging from sheer apathy for an award show where people congratulate each other over movies most Jimmy Impossibles of the world haven’t seen (highly likely), to wanting to avoid preachy acceptance speeches from obnoxious wealthy celebrities (hello, Patricia Arquette), to a huge distaste for Neil Patrick Harris (highly unlikely).  But allow me to spread a completely unlikely but entirely plausible reason for the decline.

I speak of course of the “Clue Curse”.

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