Geek Review: Hail, Caesar!


We live in an age where big Biblical epics and musicals don’t happen like they used to.

Of course, the era when they did happen like they used were hardly sweet and innocent times, but that’s where the Coen Brothers come in with their most recent movie Hail, Caesar!

Review and maybe some mild SPOILERS after the cut.

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Gabbing Geek Box Office Report: Superbowl Edition


The Superbowl was yesterday, and it was extra rough getting a Box Office Report out for whatever reason we keep doing the Box Office Report.

But we found a Watson cousin who wasn’t watching the game

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Tom Recommends: Raising Arizona

Gabbing Geek Tom Recommends v2

There was a time when Nicholas Cage’s career didn’t seem like a joke and the Coen Brothers weren’t really well known.

Raising Arizona pretty much ended the Coen’s anonymity while playing well to Cage’s talents.

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Non-Geek TV From The Geek Perspective: Fargo

Gabbing Geek What We're Watching

There’s a lot of TV out there, and some of it is a crime-solving anthology where the cast and setting change between seasons, allowing for recognizable movie actors to take a break and do some television without tying themselves down  for a long term project.

Uh, no, this isn’t about HBO’s True Detective.  I’m talking about the FX drama Fargo.

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