Fascinating Force Awakens Clue Comes From Shattered Empire Comic Book


The comic book world has been awash with new Star Wars comic books the past year.  While the majority of these books take place in the years between Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back, one four-issue series took place starting at the end of Return of the Jedi.  That book bore the title of Shattered Empire with the curious slugline of Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

While the first three issues seemingly just tell a bit more of the story after Return of the Jedi with cameos from literally every Star Wars character you love, the fourth issue drops a doozy of a clue as to what might happen in Episode VII next month (okay, I still get chills thinking that it’s NEXT MONTH).  This isn’t really a spoiler because we can’t confirm anything and it takes place far before the movie, but this is your warning if you don’t want to read on.  If you want a hint at something very cool in the movie about Poe Dameron then read on.

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20 Thoughts On Marvel’s 1977 Star Wars Comic Book

Forget asking if Luke will destroy the universe (was that ever an option?)–I want to know why Darth Vader has a green helmet!

Rumor has it there’s a new Star Wars movie coming out in a month and while geeks everywhere struggle to not lose their minds counting down the days we’re also trying to find ways to distract ourselves.  Over at the Comixology podcast, Matt and Kara are holding a Star Wars comic book club and the first session focuses on the original Marvel comic book of Star Wars.  Launched in 1977 just a few months after the movie came out, the first six issues retold the original film and then went into some strange, we-didn’t-know-anything-about-Empire-Strikes-Back territory.

The first comic book club only covered these original six issues and I thought it was easier to present my thoughts visually and here on Gabbing Geek as well.  It was strange to read these issues–not only because it recreates a movie we’ve all seen so many times, but also because it retells that movie through the strange conventions of 1970s comics.  And the things it has to translate onto the page (like Artoo’s whistles or Chewbacca’s howls) definitely presented some issues to the creative team.  So jump after the break to see 20 thoughts I had upon reading this comic book.

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Marty McFly Pulls A Sherlock

bttfcoverFresh on the heels of Sherlock traveling back in time to his original era, news has come out of San Diego Comic Con that IDW will be publishing a Back to the Future comic book starting this fall.  It will contain a number of smaller stories that fit into the world of the three movies rather than trying to spin off into major arcs, but screenwriter and co-creator of the original film Bob Gale will be supervising the story arcs.  He’s given an extensive interview over at ComicBookResources that is well worth the read.  Be on the lookout when the title hits print and digital shelves in a few months!

Fallen Is Out And Here’s Why You Should Read It

FallenCoverI’ve mentioned before that I wrote a comic book called Fallen: Self-Made Man.  It’s been a long journey dragging the book out of my head, wringing it through the creative development process, and wrestling it onto a page with the help of an amazing creative team.  But it’s been a labor of love and now it’s available for you to purchase over at Comixology.  You can even get $5 credit at Comixology if you’re new to the site and buy $10 in comics (so much to start reading, not just Fallen!) by following this link right here.

This book was driven by my love for the vigilante archetype.  Batman, Punisher, so many others.  The characters aren’t powered, just driven in a way most people aren’t and I want to explore that drive.  Coming up with my own character in that line, giving him his motivation, trying to flesh out why he would continue his quest day after day, and putting that into the framework of a story worth telling was a complicated and rewarding experience.  I hope you enjoy this book as I much as I enjoyed creating it.

POW Your House Guests In The Face With These Comic Pillows

bang 1


BANG! POW! BOOM! – Just what you need to have that certain “Je ne sais quoi” about your living room. Check out these delightful comic exclamation pillows by Etsy shop owner Plusheez. Custom requests are accepted and welcome at the shop so please feel free to contact the artist for colors and designs. The pillows are made out of soft, anti-pill fleece fabric and filled with fire retardant pillow stuffing. Each item is handmade therefore there might be minor differences, and bonus… they are washable! Check out more pictures after the break:

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Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: SILK




Not gonna lie – this SLIK cosplay is pretty darn awesome. Unfortunately, we don’t have the name of the cosplayer, but you can run over to Plutopia Productions to see other amazing cosplay, as well as more of our mystery Silk! Want to see more photos immediately? Check them out after the break:

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The First Rule Of Fight Club 2 Is That I’m Totally Gonna Talk About Fight Club 2

And if this is the first time you're reading the comic book you must give yourself a paper cut.
And if this is the first time you’re reading the comic book you must give yourself a paper cut.

Fight Club remains one of the all time great plot twists of all time.  When a 10-issue comic book series for Fight Club 2 was announced, I was concerned how the story goes forward after that big revelation.  Now a few pages have been released along with a synopsis that has me intrigued.  More after the break, just in case you’re the one person who reads a geek website but hasn’t seen/doesn’t know about Fight Club (because nobody will talk about it).

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Gabbing Geek Water Cooler: Iconic Comic Book Characters Without Their Own Movie

Watercooler Chat

The Gabbing Geek water cooler is a lot more interesting now that Tom and Jimmy are here.  Before they joined, any time Watson, Jenny, and I stood around the cooler talking about an interesting subject Watson would tell us to shut up and “Save it for the podcast!”  (It’s true, I do. – Watson)  Which is really awkward when we’re just trying to order at a restaurant.

But now that we have more people we can actually have water cooler conversations without Watson shutting it down.  And so we thought we’d kick off this first Gabbing Geek Water Cooler chat with the following topic.  Superhero movies are all the rage.  Seriously.  Look it up.  And yet there are so many great characters that still don’t have movies announced.

I tried to find a funny water cooler picture and came across this one from the North Delaware Happening website. And I realized nobody does funny like people in North Delaware, so I went with it.

The question is this–in the modern superhero movie age (defined as starting with Iron Man) what iconic comic book character still doesn’t have a movie announced/released that needs one?

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DC’s Convergence Wants All Your Money

"Dammit, Aquaman!  Cut it out!"
“Dammit, Aquaman! Cut it out!”

Giant comic events aren’t new but DC’s latest is still pretty impressive.  You can see the full gallery of all the covers over at Comics Alliance.  But until they show up on the shelf, start saving your money.

h/t to Jimmy Impossible for the story.