Podcast Reaction: Villains Edition


This week the podcast came out a day early, but I got a new Kindle Fire and don’t know yet how to download the show before going to work to listen during my lunch break.  And no, downloading at work isn’t an option.  Because reasons.  There are some, but I won’t go into them.  Anyway, here’s the podcast reaction.

I don’t really have anything else to add to the discussion of The Martian.  It’s a great book, and I gave a SPOILER-FREE review for it elsewhere.  Like right here.

Instead, let’s talk about how to make a good villain.

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Two More Geeks Weigh In: Ant-Man

Yea or nay?
Yea or nay?

By now, you may have seen how both Ryan and Watson weighed in on spoiler-free reviews for Ant-Man.  Well, they aren’t the only folks who work here, and they aren’t the only folks who have seen it.  Tom lives in another state.  Jenny wasn’t invited on their playdate to see the movie, possibly due to Ryan and Watson’s longstanding membership in the He-Man Woman Haterz Club.

However, this is Gabbing Geek, and not the All Ant-Man Report, so Tom and Jenny are sharing their thoughts on the movie in a single post.  See it behind the cut.  May be SPOILERS.  You’ve been warned.

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