The Definitive List Of Marvel’s Phase 2 Star Wars Easter Eggs

"I'm not losing my father's lightsaber, I'm setting up a movie 38 years from now."
“I’m not losing my father’s lightsaber, I’m setting up a movie 38 years from now.”

Marvel mastermind Kevin Feige has been open about his love of Star Wars and revealed years ago his secret Easter Egg nod to Empire Strikes Back in Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Just like Luke Skywalker famously lost hold of his father’s lightsaber when his dad cut off his hand, every movie in the second phase of the MCU has had someone losing their hand or arm.  Now that Phase 2 is complete with the release of Ant-Man, we can prevent the final list of every Empire-based Marvel severed appendage!  The list even includes all the Marvel TV properties as well!

Jump after the break to see them all, but since the last one is from the recently released Ant-Man then BE WARNED THE REST OF THIS POST CONTAINS ANT-MAN SPOILERS!

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Behind The Mask: The Avengers Personality Chart


Generally, with larger-than-life superpowers come larger-than-life personalities. How each hero deals with problems is hugely representative of who they are as people. They are each complex individuals with different ways of tackling everything from their world-threatening enemies to their personal demons. Over at Fanpup, they’ve taken a crack at sorting them by Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). If you don’t know your type but want to see which of The Avengers you’re most like, you can take the test here. – So Jenny is an ENFP – which one do you most identify with?

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