Ladies And Gentlemen…The Arrogant Worms!



I’ve always thought my most geek defining characteristic was not my love of comic books or sci-fi, but that of musical comedy.  Sure, everyone enjoys watching a good parody on SNL or YouTube occasionally, but how many have their iPod full of comedic music albums?

Like most geeks I cut my death on the genre with the king, Mr. “Weird Al” Yankovic.  Yes, you’ll find his complete discography on my iPod.  While I find Al’s more recent work a bit disappointing (which I mostly blame on the fact that he is parodying current top 40 songs, which I hate), I can still put on Dare To Be Stupid and laugh my ass off.  From “Weird Al” I would graduate (to a lesser degree) to Monty Python and Adam Sandler.  But being Canadian I also stumbled across a musical trio from Kingston, Ontario called The Arrogant Worms!

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#Transformation Tuesday: Transform Any Window Into Optimus Prime


This window is more than meets the eye! Say hello to St. Optimus of Prime. It’s made from 122-pieces of stained glass. The artist, software engineer Craig Kovatch who said this was his first stained glass project he’s ever done. FANCY! Check out more pics of this amazing piece of art after the break:

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