Slightly Misplaced Comics Hero Case Files #26: Obergon Kaine

Anyone lose a baby?
Anyone lose a baby?

One of the more…interesting experiments in comics publishing that came out of the late 90s was CrossGen Publishing.  An ambitious company, CrossGen attempted to break into the market with a model of books that shared a combined universe, but where each individual title had a unique feel, and none of them were traditional superhero books.  The company hired various writers and artists, relocated them to Florida, and set them to work.

As it turned out, the company had the idea that while it wasn’t necessary to read all the titles, reading multiple titles could lead to a more rewarding experience for the fan who could see connections between books, not necessarily more than an Easter egg, but something that would pay off down the road when a bigger picture for the fictional universe was revealed.

Then the company went bankrupt and stopped work in the middle of its own version of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, a mini-series called The Negation War.  And that’s why we don’t really know what happened with Obergon Kaine.

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