Something Else Back To The Future Got Wrong


We don’t usually cover sports here at Gabbing Geek but I thought it was worthwhile to point out that with last nights Mets drubbing and sweep of the Cubs, another Back To The Future 2 prediction has fallen by the wayside.  The Cubs streak of World Series futility will continue.

I also just learned that the Jaws 19 trailer I posted yesterday is a fake!  It’s been a depressing start to the day.

30 Years Ago Today Ferris Bueller Cut School

ferrisAlthough the actual date was never mentioned in the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off the fans over at Baseball Prospectus were able to identify the exact game that Ferris, Cameron, and Sloane attended.  Turns out it was when the Cubs hosted the Atlanta Braves on June 5, 1985.  And yes, that’s the only game it could have been based on the players and the game stats.  They were even able to name the player that hit the foul ball Ferris caught (it Atlanta rightfielder Claudell Washington, if you’re interested).  The guy at the pizza shop did have the score wrong (he said the game was tied 0-0 but it was actually tied 2-2 at the time) but we’ll let that go.  It was a busy pizza shop what with all the principals stopping by looking for serial truants.

The fact that this means Ferris is likely 47 or 48 today…let’s try to ignore that.