Happy Birthday, Bugs Bunny!


75 years ago today, a cartoon short named “A Wild Hare” debuted.  It featured a grey rabbit that uttered a famous greeting in form of, “What’s up, Doc?”

Yup.  It’s Bugs Bunny’s birthday.  That link will take you to a Time article showing the first time he used that line along with some other history of the character.

Bugs is one of my favorite fictional characters.  One of his frequent directors, Chuck Jones, explained that Bugs was what many people wished they were.  By contrast, Daffy Duck is the person we fear we secretly are.

For one of Bugs’ best reoccurring bits, see behind the cut.

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What Would Happen If The Looney Toons Had A Fight–To The DEATH!


Not that long ago, Watson posted what would happen if the Justice League had a fight to the death.

Then I did my own half-assed one that mostly accomplished making Bianca Horkan mad at me.

But really, that’s some penny ante stuff.  What if a much more dangerous group got the same treatment?

No, not the Avengers.

What happens if the Looney Toons have a fight to the death?

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Afternoon Funnies- Looney Tunes Edition

Gabbing Geek Afternoon Funnies
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Star Wars Day? Really?


The first time I can remember going to the movies, it was to see Star Wars.  I must have been between four and five.  I went with my dad, just the two of us.  A part of me is a little jealous my kid brother will be able to do the same with his son in December.

Now, that movie made an impression, obviously.  I mean, I am aware I went to the movies prior to this one, almost certainly to see Disney cartoons or something, but I remember Star Wars as the first.  It was almost certainly one of my gateways into science fiction, fantasy, and being a geek.

So why am I not a fan of “Star Wars Day”?

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