Dr. Who Villains Through Time [Infographic]

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Dr. Who has graced our screens for over 50 years. ¬†That’s right, 50 years! Can you believe it. And in all the time, the 12 different Doctors have racked up some very iconic villains. From the Daleks to the Cybermen, we take a look at the most notable enemies from the Dr. Who franchise. Check out the villainous list after the break:

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And Now…A Doctor Who Trailer

The safest way to travel.
The safest way to travel.

Fans of a certain Doctor may have much to rejoice in as Doctor Who is returning in September.

Granted, fans of that Doctor probably already knew that, so the previous statement was meant for people who aren’t fans.¬† That’s the sort of mental gymnastics we here at Gabbing Geek routinely give our dozen or so regular readers who don’t already work here.

Anyway, a trailer for the new season dropped at San Diego Comic Con, so see it after the cut.

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