Podcast Reaction: Avatar Edition


This week on the podcast, the topic of Avatar came out, and not the one that brought us the Last Airbender.

Wait, why am I doing these again?  I don’t know.  I have enough problems when I’m part of the show.  I can use my desktop for better audio but no video, or my Kindle Fire for video but sometimes spotty audio.  Back to reactions…

Ryan, it seems, was quite enthusiastic to defend James Cameron and the movie Avatar. But really, do we need four sequels to this movie?  Furthermore, how do we measure success for a film like this?

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Podcast Reaction: The Oscar Edition

A decades-long career in Hollywood's ultimate reward:  posing with a human ostrich.
A decades-long career in Hollywood’s ultimate reward: posing with a human ostrich.

This week on the podcast, Ryan and Watson managed not to spend the whole recording discussing box office totals, the sort of thing that makes me really miss Jenny.  Jenny, you see, like me does not care for that stuff.  But those two guys will discuss it to the pain.


Still, they were good this week, so what about the Oscars?

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