Geek Lit: Morning Star (Again)


So, Ryan has already reviewed Pierce Brown’s Morning Star.  Now, while Gabbing Geek Enterprises, a division of a much larger entertainment conglomerate (not really) would prefer not to have repetitive content…here’s some repetitive content in the form of my review of the self-same book.

SPOILERS after the cut.

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The One Flaw In Morning Star And How I Would Have Fixed It

rrseriesMorning Star was an amazing conclusion to the epic Red Rising series.  And while there are parts I liked more and didn’t like as much as previous books, I still gave it a perfect score in the end.  Because books can have flaws and still deliver an amazing story.  But there is one part of Morning Star that really stuck with me as being a mistake and I can only discuss it while spoiling some things.  So this is your warning.  [WARNING: AFTER THE BREAK WE’VE GOT SOME MAJOR MORNING STAR SPOILERS SO GO READ THE BOOK ALREADY AND THEN COME BACK.] Continue reading The One Flaw In Morning Star And How I Would Have Fixed It

Read The First Three Chapters Of Morning Star Now!

morning-star_612x931Pierce Brown promised that if Golden Son won the Goodreads Best New Science Fiction award he would post the first three chapters of Morning Star.  Now that Golden Son has nabbed the award, he’s made good on the promise by posting the chapters over on his website.  Head on over there now for a quick taste of what Darrow’s been going through for the past year (literally) and then we can all live in the torture of waiting the almost two months until all of Morning Star is released.

Pierce Brown Talks Red Rising With Gabbing Geek (And Now He Knows It Too)

morningstarWhile our efforts to land an interview with Red Rising author Pierce Brown have been unsuccessful and that pesky court order kept me from coming within 100 yards of the Texas Teen Book Festival this past weekend (don’t ask), Mr Brown did conduct an AMA on Reddit today and answered two of Gabbing Geek’s questions.  Find out the answers and other interesting tidbits after the break!

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Gabbing Geek 24: Martian Reading Rainbow

Episode 24.  Or as Jenny likes to call it...the number after 16.
Episode 24. Or as Jenny likes to call it…the number after 16.

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Gabbing Geek 21: Golden Son & Prophecies

This. Read this. Now. Unless you haven’t read the first book. In which case, read that. Then read this.


Gabbing Geek’s first podcast of 2015 is now live and we FINALLY get to talk about Golden Son, the second book in the Red Rising trilogy.  If you’ve read the first book, Red Rising, or don’t care about spoilers for the first book, then you’ll absolutely want to listen to this episode–we don’t spoil anything for book 2.  But if you want to participate in our Gabbing Geek Book Club in 4 weeks, be sure to read both Red Rising and Golden Son (they’re page turners, you won’t have any problems, Jenny guarantees it!). Continue reading Gabbing Geek 21: Golden Son & Prophecies