It’s Never Too Early For A Kingsman 2 Teaser Poster


After being one of the surprise hits of last year, it wasn’t a big surprise when a sequel for Kingsman: The Secret Service was announced.  It was based on the (arguably superior) graphic novel The Secret Service by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons…which does not have a sequel.  So it looks like Kingsman: The Golden Circle will be an original story by director Matthew Vaughn, but I’m sure Millar will have some input.

The poster above also teases a pretty big resurrection planned for the sequel.  If you have seen the movie you will know exactly what it refers too.  If not, what is wrong with you?  Don’t you like great movies?

Kingsman: The Golden Circle hits theatres in June of 2017.

Ten Best Deconstructive Superhero Stories of All-Time


Would this be a work of construction deconstructive superhero?
Would this be a work of construction deconstruction superheroes?

I have a reputation on Gabbing Geek as a guy who doesn’t like comic books.  This knock is generally well deserved.  I don’t like much anymore.  But there is a certain kind of comic that even to this day will cause me to get dressed, get in the car, head to the comic shop, and buy a comic sit in my underwear, fire up the ol’ tablet, click Comixology on my browser, and download a digital file.  What are these amazing tales you ask?

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