Banned Children’s Shows

And he was dead the whole time...
And he was dead the whole time…

Sometimes TV shows get banned for one reason or another.  Sometimes it happens to children’s shows.  An episode, perhaps trying to teach kids an important lesson while still being entertaining to said kids, goes over the line somewhere and ends up getting pulled from future broadcasts.

Screen Rant put together a video explaining ten such banned episodes.  See it after the cut.

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90s Cartoons…All Grown Up


90’s cartoons were always a bit more mature than earlier generations. Where Scoobie-Doo hinted at drug use, later cartoons hit you over the head with the idea.  Well it’s about to get a whole lot worse!

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When A TV Series Declines…

By the time this show ended, this image probably wasn't too far off.
By the time this show ended, this image probably wasn’t too far off.

My wife just finished working her way through the full series run of Friends on Netflix.  We were talking and she brought up how her mother got tired of Friends after a while.  My mother-in-law apparently thought Joey got too stupid, Monica too annoying, and the Ross-and-Rachel thing got rather tired.  I wasn’t the fan of the show that my wife or her mother were, so I couldn’t disagree with that consensus, where I mostly wondered why any of them would willingly hang out with hangdog mopester Ross.

That’s not an unusual phenomena.  Many TV shows that run long enough can become a shadow of their former glory.  Anyone who’s been watching The Simpsons long enough already knows that, though.

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