Trailer Time: The Good Dinosaur

AttheMovies_t670Who didn’t love Inside Out?

You know, besides the humorless, the unemployable, alcoholics, angry loners, and anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

Well, there’s another Pixar movie on the way this year, like some kind of reverse Flintstones, you know, if Fred were Dino’s pet.  The Good Dinosaur  is coming out Thanksgiving..  See the trailer after the cut.

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Jurassic Prank Catches Chris Pratt By Surprise!


Adorable, lovable, and apparently scareable Chris Pratt is caught off guard with this Jurassic sized prank. Remember the man behind this awesome spider-dog prank well, he’s at it again, but this time with massive human dino puppets. You have to see how they pulled this off (after the break), and then how Pratt reacted after the fact. I’m pretty sure I would have soiled myself while screaming and judo chopping the hell out of everything around me. Fight or flight people, fight or flight.

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