Universal Send Doc Brown To Collect The Remaining Monies


It’s a big year for Back To The Future.  Not only is it the 30th anniversary of the first film, but a lot has been made about the upcoming date of October 21, 2015…as that is the year in the future that Marty traveled to in Back To The Future 2: Back To The Futurer.

We also know it has been a HUGE year for Universal with the record breaking success of many films including Jurassic World and Furious 7.  And in an attempt to collect any money that you have left, they are releasing a Back To The Future 30th Anniversay Blu-Ray collection on that magical October 21st date.

“But Jimmy, I already own the trilogy on Blu-ray.”  Me too little Timmy, me too.  But to entice you, Universal is including a new short film starring Christopher Lloyd reprising his role as Doc Brown.  You can check out the teaser for the short after the cut.

If not enough to entice you to double dip, be on the lookout for The Complete Adventures box set which includes the 30th anniversary set and the complete animated series.  “There was an animated series Jimmy?”  Apparently little Timmy.  Apparently.

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“Back To The Future”‘s Problematic Ending

bttf_back_in_timeI read an interview once with actor Crispin Glover where he talked about, among other things, why he wasn’t in the Back to the Future sequels.  Essentially, in the interview he stated that he questioned the ending and co-writer, co-producer Bob Gale then did everything in his power to keep Glover out of the eventual sequels.

What did Glover question?  Did he question what happened to the Marty that left the perfected time line to jump into past from the Lone Pine Mall?  Or what happened to those armed, and surely not dead, Libyan terrorists?   No, he basically, before filming the “George punches out Biff” scene, asked whether the message was whether or not violence solves problems.

That’s not a bad question to explore.

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Non-Geek TV From The Geek Perspective: Rick And Morty

Gabbing Geek What We're Watching

There’s a lot of TV out there, and this one should be a Geek show, but I didn’t feel like changing the title of my weekly TV review column.  A guy’s got to keep things moving along.

I’m talking about the animated show Rick and Morty, by the way.

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GREAT SCOTT! – 2015 Back To The Future Shoes Are Coming!

Doc Brown. Bill Hader. Kevin Durant. That’s all you need to know. OH – and self lacing shoes. Yes…. Back To The Future is here!