Jimmy Attempts To Read All Of Secret Wars 45 (Issue 5 Edition)


This week saw the release of Ultimate End #5, the second to last Secret Wars book.  Now we just have to wait a month for the four month delayed finale to get the anticlimactic details on how Doom was defeated and everything basically returned to normal.  Where All-New, All-Different seems to equal “we got Miles now and Wolverine is back (kinda)”.

Click through as I cover the fifth and final issues of the following books: Ultimate End #5, Planet Hulk #5, Secret Wars 2099 #5, Armor Wars #5, Spider-Verse #5, Inhumans: Attilan Rising #5, Inferno #5 and A-Force #5 .

As usual there are spoilers, so take care, especially with Ultimate End which is only days old.  The others have been out a while.

Be sure to check out our latest Secret Wars Power Rankings, which also features links to the other parts of my read through.

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Jimmy Attempts To Read All Of Secret Wars Part Fifteen (Steve and Tony Edition)


The first comic I remember buying off the spinner rack at a local convenience store was Amazing Spider-Man #275.  That was April of 1986, which would mean I was eleven.  Now, I’m sure I read comics prior to that, but that was the first one I used my own money and set myself on a course to spend many, many more dollars over the next number of years.

But eventually interests change, and money has different priorities.  My pull box at my favorite comic shop got lighter and lighter each month until it was always empty and they recycled it.  I picked up the occasional trade paperback that piqued my interest such as The Walking Dead, Preacher, 100 Bullets and Y: The Last Man.  Not many capes in that selection.  I guess little Jimmy was all grown up.

But then a funny thing happened in the summer of 2006.  I don’t even remember how, but two series grabbed my interest: DC’s Infinite Crisis and Marvel’s Civil War.  As I started to read, the collector juices started flowing again.  As I tracked down waaayyy too many tie-ins and crossovers, I was once again hooked and have been reading consistently ever since.

And doing crazy stuff like reading and posting about all of Convergence (that last post is coming, I promise!) and Secret Wars.  After the break I’ll look at two books that focus on Civil War’s main adversaries, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark: Civil War #1 and 1872 #1.  As well as the Steve-centric Planet Hulk #2-3 and the Tony-centric Armor Wars #3.

Also, if you are like me and haven’t read all of Johnathon Hickman’s Avengers run leading up to Secret Wars, be sure to take Tom’s Road To Secret Wars course at gabbinggeekuniversity.com.  The reading materials are online here: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six and Part Seven.

And that course is a prerequisite to the other parts of this series: Part One, Part Two, Part Three,Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten, Part Eleven, Part Twelve, Part Thirteen, Part Fourteen

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