Homer Simpson’s Dream Come True: Life Size Doughnut Pool Table


Wait for it… aaaaaaahhhh… now you see it,  don’t you? Pink glaze, sprinkles on top. This is the Doughnut Pool Table designed and built by artist Cléon Daniel (previously: his banana shaped pool table). The doughnut’s hole allows players to crawl under the table and shoot from the middle. My only question, is how does this beauty taste? Am-I-right?

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Deliciously Adorable Cat Doughnuts!


EEEEEERRRRRMMMMMAAAAAGGAAAWWD! I’ve never seen anything so deliciously sweet! Just take a gander at these adorable kitty doughnuts. I mean – come on! CAT DOUGHNUTS! Why is this the first time I’ve seen these things? I think it’s because I hadn’t come across Etsy shop owner Marnin Saylor. Well shame on me! And if that wasn’t enough – they all have adorable little names like “Maple” or “Chococat.” I may have made that last name up. And if you don’t like cats, never fear, Marnin’s shop also has Eclair Bears! BEARS! You get the picture. Speaking of pictures – see more of these little treats after the break:

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