Gabbing Geek 61: Geek Recommendations

Gabbing Geek 57: Back to the Future Special
Gabbing Geek 61: Geek Recommendations

Blab had a little technical issues towards the end but we managed to get out our latest blabcast as both an audio-only podcast (which you can listen to here or on any of your favorite downloadable sources) or as a video where you can see all of our fun facial expressions!  In this episode we discuss the new Dr Strange trailer, FOUR new Avatar movies, and then provide some geek recommendations for TV (The Magicians), comic books (all things Star Wars), and books (The Rook, Discworld). Check it out now or head after the break for the full video.

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Gabbing Geek 52: Fantasy Season

Gabbing Geek 52: Fantasy Season
Gabbing Geek 52: Fantasy Season

While everyone else drafts Fantasy Football teams, the Gabbing Geek podcast is doing something a bit geekier.  We’ve got robots and Chinese movie thieves and fantasy box office and trivia!  What more could you ask for?  How about Watson’s voice going up two octaves?  Oh, it’s in there!  Give the episode a listen right the heck now or jump after the break to read more.

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DC and Marvel Character “Similarities”


Marvel and DC both have many characters that share strong similarities with their cross-company rival.  Sometimes it is a coincidence.  Two people have the same idea, no matter how novel, independent of each other.  Sometimes it is just because there are only so many archetypes.  Of course there is going to be some nearly identical characters.  Sometimes they aren’t even that similar.  We just want to make this list longer.  Other times, they are 100%, complete rip offs.  When DC/Marvel did the Amalgamation back in the 90’s, they could have just used the original.

See what you think after the break.

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