Podcast Reaction: Blind Spot Edition

I can't find the Swamp Thing picture in the archive, so here's Groot instead.
I can’t find the Swamp Thing picture in the archive, so here’s Groot instead.

Friday on the podcast, after discussing something that came from the future and who was almost Batman, the guys and Jenny went on to discuss more of their blind spots.  I can say I’m actually familiar with most of those blind spots, so I’ll be sitting that sort of thing out next week.  There were some mighty fine choices, truth be told…well, I didn’t care for Krull when I saw it, but maybe if I’d seen it when it came out as opposed to years after the fact when I was no longer an easily-impressed kid.

That’s more or less the same reason my wife didn’t care for Ghostbusters when I showed it to her.  You gotta catch these things at the exact right time.  It’s also why I suspect I would have liked Catcher in the Rye if I had read it when I was 16 instead of 26.  Stuff happens.

Though the poll I put up last week has only gotten as of this writing about 5 votes, Bone was winning, so I’ll be rereading that, and shame on Ryan for not hittin’ that yet.  Even my non-geek wife read and loved Bone.

But I’m putting three of my blind spots behind the cut.

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