Gabbing Geek 38: Maxi-Mom Endings

Gabbing Geek 38: Maxi-Mom Endings
Gabbing Geek 38: Maxi-Mom Endings

The latest episode of your favorite weekly geek podcast is here and we’re covering Mad Max: Fury Road, a fun game about moms of geek characters, and we rewrite endings to our favorite geek properties.  Listen to it now or jump after the break to find out more!

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Video Time: Dune Explained


Frank Herbert’s Dune is considered a classic of science fiction, an epic novel that has legions of fans.

I didn’t care for it.  Most of the book seemed to be people thinking about what other people were thinking and knowing those people knew they were thinking about what they were thinking about, plus what looked a lot like space drug addiction.  Then there was a coup in the last 50 pages or so.  Also, on the podcast recently, Watson seemed to not know what it was.

Well, I found someone to explain the story for people who don’t know it and lack the time to read an 8,000 or so page novel.  See it behind the cut.  May contain harsh language.

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Gabbing Geek 30: Future Directions

Gabbing Geek 30: Future Directions
Gabbing Geek 30: Future Directions

The latest episode of Gabbing Geek is now up.  Come listen to the audio if you didn’t get a chance to watch our live streaming Meerkat of the whole session!

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Background Geek of the Week: The Stuff of Nightmares

You’re terrified aren’t you?  No, he isn’t the man hiding under your bed right now waiting for you to go to sleep….but he has created images that haunt your dreams all the same!  Who is this terrifying creature?  He isn’t the devil.  He isn’t a dark wizard.  He isn’t even the bike shop owner that molested poor, pitiful Dudley in Diff’rent Strokes.  No.  This man is our Background Geek of the Week!
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Patrick Stewart: Beloved By The Geeks

We love this man.
We love this man.

Most geeks first experienced seeing Patrick Stewart in the role of the very un-Kirkish Captain Jean-Luc Picard on Star Trek:  The Next Generation.  Stewart had been an actor for years at this point, having been trained as a Shakespearean actor who played the London stage in tights that looked every sillier than the spandex uniforms he was asked to don for the first two years as Picard (Gene Roddenberry’s death allowed the producers to switch to more comfortable wool uniforms later in the series run).  Later on, he played a character that sheer dumb luck was designed to look exactly like him, Professor Charles Xavier.  Ask a number of geek fans if they know any other role he’s done, and they might be hard-pressed to name something.

Geek Love is not misplaced in this instance.  We should love Patrick Stewart if for no other reason than he seems to be having fun most of the time, and he may very well be up for anything.

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