Watson’s Top 145 Movies of 2014!

This week, I unveiled my Top 20 and bottom 20 movies.  What about the other 105 flicks that made up the crazy list?  For your browsing amusement, here is the ENTIRE list of 2014 movies viewed by Gabbing Geek film fan extraordinaire.  Enjoy!

The best films of the year deserve much greater examination.  For a full review of each film #1-10, check out my list.

“Hello, Jenny. If you had been in the 1950s, I wouldn’t have been chemically castrated because you could have changed me!”

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Watson’s Twenty Worst Films of 2014

“Abandon all hope, you who enter here.”

Dante Alighieri

(and William Watson)

Dallas, TX

I set out to see at least 100 new releases in 2014 as a kind of geek affectation/New Years Resolution.  I wound up seeing 145!  You can imagine there were some REALLY DREADFUL MOVIES in the mix.  Don’t worry gentle jerkwads!  I saw them so you didn’t have to.  Here is my review of the 20 WORST movies of 2014!

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