Spooktacular Halloween Costumes For Dogs


We all remember Spider Dog, and how YouTuber SA Wardega took the internet by storm. The adorable Mutant Spider costume is available, and so are many other spooktacular costumes for your pets. Don’t leave them out this Halloween, because with costumes like these, you might just get more than your candy’s worth. And thanks to Amazon Prime, if you hurry, you’ll still have time before Saturday!

See some of our favorite pet costumes after the break, and where to get them!

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Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: Little Red Riding Hood


Why Granny, what big eyes you have…. and Granny, what a lovely purple moo-moo and shower cap you have. And Granny, what amazing patience you have to wear those ridiculous glasses while I stand here next to you cheesing big time.

via: Hellohey on Redit