SNL To Stream Soon

Streaming Soon On A Service Near You
Streaming Soon On A Service Near You

NBC has announced that its new streaming service Seeso will run almost the entirety of Saturday Night Live.

Yeah, not everything, but close to it…

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Let There Be Peace on SNL: Eddie Murphy to Return!


One of the ONLY things missing from Tom Shale’s BRILLIANT 2008 book, Live From New York: An Uncensored History Of Saturday Night Live, was the participation of the biggest star to ever come out of SNL (with great apologies to Mr. Murray, Mr. Ferrell, Mr. Downey Jr, and Ms. Fey).  Eddie Murphy, a talents whose rise was so meteoric that he is still the only person to HOST the show while still a cast member, never looked back since 1984.  Until now…

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Stars Who Only Play Themselves

My name does NOT appear in this article…

Some actors have great range.  They disappear into their roles like chameleons with such success, you forget they are acting.  Then there are the people who don’t know how to play anyone other than themselves.  These folks can be charming, even occasionally win awards, but they eventually get called out in a Gabbing Geek filler article!

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