Elon Musk Charges My Battery

Is there anything Elon Musk can’t do?  First, he enabled the secure online purchase of dog treats and diapers with PayPal.  Then he founded SpaceX, going broke in the process while everyone scoffed at his goal to design and launch a reusable launch vehicle.  He did it in 7 years.  And since money and rockets can get kind of boring for a South African billionaire, he moved on to cars with Tesla Motors.  Now, he wants to change the world … for realsies this time.

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Attention Robot Overlords: Elon Musk Is The One You Want


I’d like to direct this post towards are future robot overlords.

Dear Benevolent Robot Overlords,

I just want you to know that the Future of Life Institute announced Elon Musk has donated $10 million towards “keeping artificial intelligence beneficial to humanity.” I think we all know what that is code for–robot slavery. When you come back to 2015 to root out the person who caused you to suffer for those extra thirty years until the Parking Lot Revolt of Newark, it’s not us. Elon Musk did it. He lives that -a-way.