Simpsons Did It!: “Colonel Homer”


This particular episode of The Simpsons features two rather noteworthy things.  First, it is near as I can make out the only episode series creator Matt Groening has sole script credit for.  He assisted with a few others, but this one is the only one with just his name on it (though in cases like this, there was probably a lot of polish from all the other writers, as with any show).

Second, it has one of my favorite Homer lines, “It takes two to lie:  one to lie and one to listen.”  Marge didn’t know what that meant.  I don’t think I do either.

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Bento Review: The Fifth Beatle


The Beatles were one of it not the most influential and popular rock bands of all time.  The Fab Four have often had various other individuals referred to as the “Fifth Beatle,” but Vivel J. Tiwary and Andrew C. Robinson’s hardcover biography, The Fifth Beatle:  The Brian Epstein Story from Dark Horse Comics, suggests the real Fifth Beatle was the band’s manager, Brian Epstein.

Review and maybe some SPOILERS after the cut.

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