Away Mission Art Print – Beam Me Up One Of Those!


Paige Carpenter loves her some Star Trek. So much so, that she created this adorably accurate print of each of the incarnations of Star Trek from The Original Series all the way up to J.J. Abrams latest film. Everyone is here with carefully hand-drawn profiles and uniforms of every main character.

From top to bottom:

The Original Series
The Next Generation
Deep Space Nine
Star Trek (2009)

See more of Paige’s work over at her Society 6 page.

Who Wants To Own The Fastest Ship In the Galaxy?


Don’t be fooled by the size, these little Falcons are ready for warp speed! And so are all the other jewelry pieces made by Paul Michael Designs. We haven’t seen such beautiful creations in a long time – and the great part of this is that most of the jewelry is available in sterling silver, yellow or white gold, as well as palladium and platinum. You’ve got to check out some of our favorite geek designs after the break:

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China Architecture Boldly Goes There


China is on the rise militarily, economically, and diplomatically.  They also seem to be appreciative of the geek culture.  A Chinese tech company has designed its corporate headquarters to look like the Enterprise from Star Trek.  This shows incredible taste but it still doesn’t explain why they liked Transformers 4 so much…

Source:  Telegraph