Movie Posters Without the Text…Part 4


Movie posters are iconic pieces of art but it is amazing how much the titles and font are part of the visual appeal.  We check out what the posters look like with the text stripped away and only the visual to sell the story.

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Fear the Walking Dead: Let’s Talk About S1E1

fear-the-walking-dead-teaser-129237Last night marked not only the first airing of the Fear the Walking Dead spin-off series but also the first time I’ve ever watched a Walking Dead episode the night it aired.  And that’s only because I watched The Walking Dead pilot a couple of years after it aired (I haven’t watched any other episodes).  Yes, I’m a huge Walking Dead fan (the comic) who feels no need to see the TV show because I know the major plot points.  The TV show will be different, of course, but not enough to make me interested especially when the books keep coming out and are amazing.  In this sense it’s the anti-Game of Thrones.

But a spin-off interests me because it’s a new story, one I can’t know anything about, but still based in a universe I deeply respect.  So what did this zombie literature fan and Walking Dead admirer think of the new spin-off?  Jump after the break to find out.  [MINOR FEAR THE WALKING DEAD PILOT SPOILERS BEYOND]

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Bad Movie. Great Movie Poster.

Batman-1989-TeaserOk, so the 1989 Batman wasn’t a bad movie.  I’m trolling you a little.  But it was a disappointment to me relative to how excited the poster above had me.  In an era before The Facebook, this was all we had to go on for our notice.

I remember walking into the theater one day and finding out there was a Batman movie because THIS teaser poster was on the wall.  This was back when there was still an element of surprise in geek movies.  The movie was a let down compared to the hype of the poster.

What other movies had really strong movie posters but missed the mark on delivering a good movie?  Fair warning.  These movies are ACTUALLY bad!

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