Geek Review: Anomalisa


Charlie Kaufman may be one of the most imaginative and unique filmmakers working today.  His work sometimes just scratches the surface of sci-fi, but is more about the human existence, and how lonely that existence can be.  His work is often cerebral, quirky, and worth a trip.

His latest, Anomalisa, continues this streak.  A stop-motion animated feature that is most certainly not for children, the movie manages to work well without really slipping into the uncanny valley.  SPOILER-FREE review after the cut.

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Why Inside Out Is Not A Kids Movie!

Pixar Post - Inside Out characters closeup

Inside Out returns Pixar to a place it hasn’t been in a long time in terms of sheer quality.  The originality and character design, in the service of a great story, can remind viewers what quality craftsmanship for family entertainment can be.  There’s material in there that is appropriate for children, while being sophisticated enough to entertain the adults stuck watching it with them.

Can’t say that about The Smurfs, can you?

But after seeing the movie, I have to say, I don’t think this movie is aimed much at children.  Children can certainly enjoy it, but the real core of the movie is for their parents.  SPOILERS and explanations after the cut.

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