Gabbing Geek 58: The Podcast Awakens

Gabbing Geek 58: The Podcast Awakens
Gabbing Geek 58: The Podcast Awakens

Wait a minute–we have a podcast?!?  It’s been a while since the Geeks were able to record but there was no stopping us talking about a certain new movie that came out last week.  So join the entire gang (and we mean entire gang) for a bonus-sized conversation about everything The Force Awakens!  Give us a listen right now or jump after the break to read more!

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Star Wars Ewok Hoodie Is Yub-Yub!



We need a little more Yub-Yub in our lives. And even though I’m not really a fan of Hot Topic, I am glad that they are moving slowly away from their petite sizes for tweens, in to more plus sized ranges for real Ewoks. Am-I-Right? I am. Check out their awesome Star Wars editions, and choose your perfect hoodie before December hits!

Product Page ($54.50 – $58.50)

How Chewbacca Got To Be So Big


(You just heard the “warp-warp-warp” sound effect in your head, didn’t you?)

Image via: Teo & O mini Mundo