Play The Latest Fallout Game Right Now!


Ok, it’s not Fallout 4, and you’re going to need an iOS device (Android “coming soon”) but Bethesda has released a mobile game called Fallout Shelter.  It looks like a radioactive version of Sim City and similar games.  You are the Overseer and you create your own vault.  You are responsible for the safety of the vault and the happiness of its inhabitants.

It has more of a cartoony Vault Boy look than hardcore Fallout, but it definitely looks and feels like a Fallout game.  The game is free and there are no “pay wall timers”.  You can also play without an internet connection.  If you’re not already running off to download, view the E3 gameplay video announcement (and maybe some bonus features about the Fallout 4 release if you are really good) after the break.

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