Original Geek Art: Buffy The Vampire Slayer


It’s going to be my goal to have a resurgence of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. So to start your weekend off right, how about this amazing original artwork by Raradat.┬áLove the comic book feel to this – it’s awesome. I can just picture Angel peaking around that tree waiting to say hello…don’t you?

Fangirls: Too Many Marvel Movies


If you are unfamiliar with YouTube sensation Only Leigh, then you are in for a treat… especially if you are also sick and tired of all the Marvel movies that have flooded the market…. I’m looking at you Watson. Yes…. you. Check out this awesome short video of the consequence of skipping just ONE of the upcoming Marvel movies…. you wouldn’t dare, would you? Mwwwwwaaaaahahahahaha!

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Original Geek Art: Growing Up Geek


This is probably the most adorable art print I have seen in a long time. Artist Genevieve Santos absolutely knows her stuff, and we encourage you to check out her other prints in her Etsy Shop. Any geekdom you don’t see represented here?