Original Geek Art: Wind Of The North



Artist ekukanova is a professional artist from Moscow, Russia. Her inspiration for the piece above is from “Atrabeth Finrod ah Andreth” by Tolkien. See more of her beautiful work over at Elena Kukanova.

Beautiful Dragon Artwork Drawn Only With Colored Pencils


Alvia Alcedo is something of a genius with colored pencils. She is a fantasy artist from Saint Petersburg, Russia who loves sculpting and drawing different fantasy creatures, using different art materials. She loves bringing her ideas to life, and you can tell it’s a passion when you visit her gallery. Alvin Alcedo has hundreds of wonderful art to view – definitely take the time to check her out, and some of our favorites after the break:

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Original Geek Art: KRULL


I don’t know why anyone would spend time on making a Krull drawing, but apparently there are lots of people who do – including Krollo (John Gonzalez) over at DeviantArt. Nothing against Krollo, he’s actually quite talented. You should go check out his other stuff. But I do have to question what motivated him to draw any tribute the obviously the worst movie ever made? The world may never know.