My Bags Are Packed & Ready To Go To A Galaxy Far Far Away


First – please start singing the Imperial March in your head. Got it? Great. Now you can look at this awesome Darth Vader 4-wheel luggage. Better, right? I’m sure you’ll have no problems getting past TSA with a little power from the dark side (or a force choke, but you didn’t hear that from us.) Evil empire not your thing? Then check out this awesome R2-D2 version instead. Product Page ($79.99)

Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: Medieval Darth “Lord Vader”


Nothing is more intimidating than Darth Vader in medieval times. Not only do you have Vader’s ability to use the force (which would be looked upon as sorcery) you have his size and strength to crush an annihilate even the most brave of King Arthur’s court. Thanks to Samuel Lee of Prince Armory, we have a stunning mashup of legends of old with legends from a galaxy far far away. See more awesome pics (and a video) after the break.

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