Cut To Perfection: Paper Craft Animal Masks


A couple of years ago Steve Wintercroft, after receiving an invite to a Halloween party but struggling for costume ideas, sat down with a pile of old cardboard, some parcel tape, a pair of scissors and plenty of hot tea. An hour or so later and after some trial and error he had made himself a fox mask. The mask was well received so a year later he redesigned it and added a couple of other animals. And thus was born the WINTERCROFT Etsy shop.

The masks are straight forward to cut out and assemble and are intended to be made from waste card, old cereal boxes are perfect. Steve designed masks for music videos, fashion shoots, parties and events with designs from dogs to a Stag and is always open to suggestions for new ideas. If can’t find what you are looking for or you need a particular mask for your event, just ask. In the shop you will find delicately drawn templates, and easy to follow written instructions so that the masks can be assembled by anyone, using local materials and removing the need for mass manufacturing or shipping. You’ve GOT to see how amazing these masks are after the break:

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Studio Announces Fate of Kingsman Sequel…


For some films we know opening weekend that they are destined for sequels.  Some have to wait to see how the final numbers look.  $400M globally is usually the number that spurs the discussion of go-or-no-go for a sequel to an action franchise.  Kingsman is currently sitting at $401M.  Well the conversation has occurred and we now know whether the Kingsman is a one shot flick or a franchise.

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Fox And Disney Now BFFs? Can We Speculate About Marvel Properties?

We're a half step closer to seeing this become a reality on the big screen.
We’re a half step closer to seeing this become a reality on the big screen.

While the announcement last night that all six parts of Star Wars will be available digitally by the end of the week is geektastic, the bigger picture here is that Disney and Fox are playing nice together. One of the biggest hurdles with any Star Wars re-release is that Fox own the rights to Episode IV, while Disney owns the rest. These major studios are not known to get along nor want to help each other out. But with the Sony/Marvel Spider-Man deal paving the way, these barriers seem to be coming down. And maybe this is the first step towards a blu-ray/digital release of the original trilogy in their original format and not Lucas Super Sized. (And maybe I’ll finally be able to get rid of my VHS copies of them…though I no longer own a VCR…) Continue reading Fox And Disney Now BFFs? Can We Speculate About Marvel Properties?

Podcast Reaction: The Dead Pool Edition

Not this Deadpool.
Not this Deadpool.

This week on the podcast, we saw Watson’s morals crumble under the weight of peer pressure.  While I am flattered that an article of mine would attract some attention, I was writing about various Geek Icons, all over 60 years of age, who may or may not be around much longer.  Seeing as how the conversation turned to who might die next and how much money might be down on that, I was a wee bit dismayed.  And I will not be putting a bet down on Betty White.  No.  I won’t be.  The age thing is why Carrie Fisher was left off, by the by.

But good for Watson for holding out for a little over a minute.

Now I’m going to agree with one of his other points.

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Benjamin Franklin is the Devil? No! But someone else got the part in Fox’s Lucifer!

Fox is expanding its reach into comics beyond just Gotham. The network is set to film a pilot based on Dc/Vertigo’s Lucifer and they’ve found their prince of darkness.
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Is Michelle Rodriguez DC’s New Green Lantern?




Say hello to Michelle Rodriguez. You know the super star from epic movies like Fast & The Furious,  Resident Evil, and Avatar (and lest we not forget her run on the TV series LOST, quite possibly the best show EVAH!). In a recent article published by MoviePilot.Com, they explore DC’s tilt towards a current rumors that Ms. Rodriguez could play the new Green Lantern. Let’s break this down into smaller chunks.

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24 Minus Keifer Equals…Um… 23?

On the heels of the series refresh the 12 episode (cheating!) Live Another Day, it looks like Fox may move on without Jack Bauer. 

No word if it would be a continuation of the universe or a reboot with the brand and concept. 

Does a Bauer free 24 mean a countdown to failure?


Is the New Fantastic Four Movie a Hot “Mess”?

Ouch. After Matthew Vaughn called it good this week, rumors are circulating that the studio bosses don’t agree.

They are using the word “mess”! Ryan sassed me when I said this movie will tank and Fox will sell their rights back to Marvel. My crackpot theory ain’t looking so tin foil hat anymore! As usual, Ryan is a pud.

Can’t wait to see Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four in Infinity War!


Fox Orders Minority Report TV Pilot

Fox just ordered the hot script floating around Hollywood in advance of pilot season. 

The show is conceived as a true sequel to the film as one of the freed precogs tries to acclimate into society and befriends a detective. 

More interested in this as a sequel or would it be better as a reboot?

Source: THR

Gambit Announced for Oct. 7th, 2016!


Breaking news!

Fox has just announced that a Gambit movie will be released on October 7, 2016. Channing Tatum’s recent Tweet certainly gives us hope that this is solid!

Previous reports have indicated that Robocop screenwriter Josh Zetumer will be writing the script for Gambit. The script will reportedly have help from legendary X-Men comic book writer Chris Claremont, who created Gambit along with artist Jim Lee.