Like Podcasts? You’ll Love A Free Audio Book!

Want this for free?  Yes, you do!
Want this for free? Yes, you do!

If you’ve enjoyed listening to the Gabbing Geek podcast, and judging by the traffic at least dozens of you have, then you might also like listening to an audio book.  If the last time you tried listening to a book was by using a bunch of tapes or CDs, the technology is amazing now.  Audible was purchased many years ago by Amazon but only recently did they finally connect Kindle books with Audible audio books.  The result?  The two formats perfectly sync.  Find out what that means for you and how you can get a free audio book at after the break!

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Free Money For Comic Books Inside

Want this for free?  Yeah you do.
Want this for free? Yeah you do.

Do you like comic books?  Of course you do!  Everyone loves comic books.  Some people are just ashamed to admit it.  But not us here at Gabbing Geek, or you our readers and listeners.  So we want to do you a solid and give you $5 for free to buy your first digital comics.  Comixology is one of the coolest sites around and pretty much the entire reason the tablet was invented–to read digital comics.  I love walking around with my entire comic collection accessible on my phone or with several graphic novels available to read at a moment’s notice: waiting for appointments, delayed meetings, red lights, whenever there’s a spare moment.

Comixology recently rolled out a promotion to give new comic readers $5 off their first order of $10 or more.  Combine that with their awesome sales and special bundles and you’ve got some amazing things to go read.   So go follow those $5 off links above to get started and then tell us what awesome titles you picked up with your free money.  And if you can’t tell, we highly recommend the new Darth Vader series.  Issues 1 and 2 are fun, but starting with issue 3 it gets awesome with some of the best new characters to the Star Wars universe ever created.

Buy One Marvel Book, Get One Free


Damn.  Comixology just launched an amazing promotion for the next few days–buy a Marvel book and get another one for free.  Use the code “MARVEL” when checking out and try not to overdraw your bank account, mmkay?  It expires on Monday so don’t miss it!

Let us know your favorite Marvel books in the comments so people can really take advantage of the sale!