Your Last Alarm Clock

Are you awake now?
Are you awake now?

Let me introduce you to the last alarm clock you will every buy.  The Multi-Function Bomb Shape Rechargeable Game Alarm Clock w/ USB Cable is currently sold out over at Deal Extreme but you have to imagine it will be back on the market just as soon as the manufacturing company posts bail.  Want to know why?  More after the break.

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Gamevice For iPads Coming In March Starting At $99

wikipadMany of us remember when mobile gaming consisted of bringing your own watergun to the park.  But ever since Nintendo launched the Gameboy we’ve been able to play better and better games no matter where we are.  Wikipad upped the ante when it announced the Gamevice tablet controller for iPad back in June and at CES this week they’ve revealed additional details as published over at iPhoneHacks.

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