Diablo 3 Inspired Engagement Rings


Designing a Diablo 3 inspired engagement ring for Diablo fans James and Colleen has been one of the most technically challenging but creatively rewarding projects for Takayas Custom Jewelry.  This platinum 1.00 ct solitaire ring features 6 black accent diamonds and is based entirely on the armor and weapons of the Demon Hunter and Barbarian Diablo 3 characters. See how this stunning ring came out, and hear the engagement story that goes with it after the break:

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Show Off Your Skillzzz With These Geek Merit Badges


Nothing says awesome like having a patch proclaiming your geekiness. Watch out girl scouts, cause we’re coming for you next! Before you know it, geeks will be selling crack cookies just like you. Oooooooooh, just you wait. You sneaky little she-devils. Wait…. wait a minute. This is about patches, not cookies. How easily I get distracted. Anyway – I came across these awesome geek merit badges by Veronica over at StoriedThreads. Just wait till you see the geekery that’s in store.

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