Going Through The DCAU Part Seventeen

Remember when this came out once a week or so?

And we’re back with more cartoon superhero talk with Tom and Jimmy.

This week, we’re covering “Zatanna,” “The Mechanic,” and “Harley and Ivy”.

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Tom Recommends: Young Justice (Animated Series)

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Animator Greg Wiseman has had a long string of animated series that have pleased fans but have always seemed to be cut short due to other factors.  He was forced off Disney’s Gargoyles and saw his Spectacular Spider-Man cut short due to the Spider-rights going to Disney.

Then there was Young Justice, an animated series set in the DC universe about a team of superhero sidekicks going on covert missions for the Justice League.

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Banned Children’s Shows

And he was dead the whole time...
And he was dead the whole time…

Sometimes TV shows get banned for one reason or another.  Sometimes it happens to children’s shows.  An episode, perhaps trying to teach kids an important lesson while still being entertaining to said kids, goes over the line somewhere and ends up getting pulled from future broadcasts.

Screen Rant put together a video explaining ten such banned episodes.  See it after the cut.

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