Superheroine Steampunk Super Art!


I’m so in love with artist NoFlutter (Jennifer), not only because she has a great name, but because she completely reimagined some of our favorite superheroines in adorable steampunk style. Captain Marvel (featured above), is simply perfect for cosplay or any space on my wall – can we make that happen Jen? Check out Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Power Girl after the break:

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Star Wars Through Backlighting


Artist Marko Manev uses shadow and backlighting to create some really captivating character designs.  Check it out!

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A Grim Tech Future


Brilliant design artist Eddie Del Rio has produced an amazing collection of art that envisions a bleak future.  Check it out!

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Final Fantasy: Cloud Strife Zack Fair- Interminable Solidarity



Check out this original artwork from Malcolm Scot Newton (ProcerDeCrepusculum) of Cloud Strife (On the left) and Zack Fair (On the right) from Final Fantasy. Newton used Adobe Photoshop Elements Nine and a Wacom Tablet as his medium. Character rights belong to: Square Enix, Original character designer: Tetsuya Nomura.

The Geekie Awards Are Here!


Calling all geeks! CALLING ALL GEEKS! It’s time for The Geekie Awards®. Yes – that’s right, I said The Geekie Awards®. Never heard of The Geekie Awards®? No problem: The Geekie Awards® is an award show by geeks for geeks™, aimed at putting the true geek culture in the spotlight as a collection of valid, respected, award-winning genres for storytelling and creation. And guess what – you get to choose who wins. Find out how after the break:

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Myers Briggs Disney Princes, Princesses & Heroes Tell All


Myers Briggs is a world renowned personality test that breaks down the intricacies of your interpersonal feelings, thoughts, and patterns. Artist LittleMsArtsy breaks down our favorite characters into their simplest forms. Check out more Princes & Heroes after the break:

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Star Wars Propaganda Posters

ye56gKTSo many fan offerings from the Star Wars universe are as good as anything the studios can produce.  These posters, in the style of WW2 era War Department propaganda posters are fantastic.  More after the jump!

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Monsters That Will Haunt Your Dreams


Some really great renditions of monsters straight out of horror.  Found these scattered on the web (aka, Imgur), so if you know the artist(s) and want to give credit, leave a link in the comments and I will update the article.

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Matt Damon Would Approve of This Martian Thumbs Up



We’re pretty sure that Matt Damon himself would approve of this awesome fan art by RHADS. If you haven’t read The Martian yet – stop what you’re doing, and pick up the book. I mean it. Just stop everything and go read it. Thank me later.

Be sure to check out RHADS other works of art – they are truly stunning!

May These Diablo III Crusaders Save Your Souls



Last fall I was super obsessed with Diablo III. My husband and I would come home from work, cook up a quick meal, and then play all night going from on quest to the next. It was our happy-fall-routine. After we beat the game and continued to reap bounty after bounty through rifts and such, eventually we moved on. But the other night I picked up the game again, and remember the surge and beauty that was my Crusader character. If you too were a Diablo III fan – you’ll need to check out these collections of Female Crusaders – they are all quite stunning. (Artist featured above: Jorsch)

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