Batmare: Shadow Of The Pegasus


Check out this original art by The Shapeless Mold. It may not be the Pony you deserve, but it’s definitely the Pony you need.

DC Superhero Makeover: Wonder Woman, Batman, & Superman


Famous comic characters (especially DC) are no stranger to costume changes. Even our own Jimmy Impossible covered some wardrobe changes the other day in his DC Top Dogs Get New Threads post.  Recently, artist Stephen Byrne decided to take a chance by redesigning new looks for Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, and we think they are stunning. Check out this holy trinity after the break.

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Original Geek Art: STAR WARS


In this weeks edition of “Original Geek Art” we’d like to bring your attention to these beautiful Star Wars hand drawn and colored posters. All credit goes to Ben over at Bensmind. Ben states that when he was younger he used to make books about going out and about in the world where he’d write and draw about his experience. Now, all grown up, Ben is a graphic designer. The Star Wars prints came about because he proclaims himself as a massive sci-fi geek. His ETSY shop proves his passion. You can see anything from what we are featuring, to Star Trek, Game of Thrones, Dark Tower, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, Breaking Bad and so much more! See more of Ben’s amazing work after the break…

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Original Geek Art: “New Who”


From time to time we run across amazing Fan-Art, and this is no exception. Say hello to the beautifully drawn & colored “New Who” from artist Janey-Jane. If you listen to our podcast, you would know that between Ryan, Watson, and I, Dr. Who was a geek blind spot. To ensure we covered this blind spot we all agreed  to watch the series starting from the beginning with the 9th Doctor (because that makes sense). And thanks to that recent watching, we can adequately identify the fist two characters as The Doctor & Rose. (Please don’t ask us to identify the rest, we’re not there yet). But all credit goes back to Janey-Jane. Whovians: Can you identify them all?

Andy Fairhurst: Geek Artist Extraordinaire

Look at this and tell me your heart isn't beating faster.
Look at this and tell me your heart isn’t beating faster.

Geek + art = magic.  And there’s no better example of this then Andy Fairhurst.  His clever approach to taking a new angle on geek properties is beyond amazing.  Check out his full website here (be sure to check Gallery > Posters for all the awesome movieness) and check the most mind-blowing Back to the Future prints you’ve ever seen after the break.

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