On Geek Rage

"What do you mean, 'Do I bleed?'  Who asks a question like that?!"
“What do you mean, ‘Do I bleed?’ Who asks a question like that?!”

As some of you hopefully know, Jimmy and I conduct weekly chats to cover Batman the Animated Series, and this week we had a mild disagreement.  I won’t get into the whats and whys because, well, I want you to read that column too, and since it’s coming out later this week, why should I spoil it even a little bit?

The gist of the conversation was that Jimmy and I disagreed over the quality of one episode, with me enjoying it more than Jimmy did.  Jimmy’s contention was that Batman should not have had as hard a time as he did with that particular villain.  I didn’t mind so much.  After throwing a few punches, which is hard considering we live in different countries, we calmed down and realized that the problem isn’t so much the episode being good or bad but that, for Jimmy, there was a violation of what Batman is for this episode, and I had less of a problem with that.

But man, Geeks sure can be possessive.

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