Lady Justice!


The toy industry has taken a lot of (well-deserved) heat for the overall lack of female action figures from various toy lines.  Even our own Gabbing Geek Jenny eloquently explained why this was monumentally stupid and bad business.

Well, other people noticed too.  The folks at the Nerdist did their take on it with female superhero Lady Justice.  See the results in a video below the cut.  It’s funny and sadly true at the same time. Continue reading Lady Justice!

Wacky Wednesday: Go Home Toy Industry, You’re Drunk!


There is a serious injustice happening right now in the Toy industry. I’m not talking about how we’ve strayed from making toys indestructible (have you ever tried to break a Lincoln Log?), or how craftsmanship is a thing of the past. Nor am I talking about how most toys now-a-days have some kind of mechanical battery operated mechanism which leaves nothing left for imagination. No – the injustice I speak of is something that’s always been there, yet I’m so damn fed up with it – and that’s gederfication and blatant sexism in the toy industry.

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