Tom Recommends: The Dresden Files

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My very first Gabbing Geek column was on urban fantasy.  Anyone who follows that subgenre knows who the 800 pound gorilla is for fans, the one all other urban fantasy characters will be compared to.

That would be Harry Dresden.

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Geek Lit: Thicker Than Water (Felix Castor Book 4)

Naming of the Beasts V2.indd

Gabbing Geek snared a great interview with author Mike Carey for his novel The Girl With All The Gifts a while back.  If you haven’t read it, you probably should.  Carey’s a great writer in the world of horror and dark fantasy, and if you haven’t read Girl or his great Vertigo series Lucifer, then you’re probably missing out on something.

He also has this dark, fun urban fantasy/horror series about a London-based exorcist named Felix “Fix” Castor.  Review with possible SPOILERS for the fourth book in said series, Thicker Than Water, after the cut.

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