Two More Geeks Weigh In: Ant-Man

Yea or nay?
Yea or nay?

By now, you may have seen how both Ryan and Watson weighed in on spoiler-free reviews for Ant-Man.  Well, they aren’t the only folks who work here, and they aren’t the only folks who have seen it.  Tom lives in another state.  Jenny wasn’t invited on their playdate to see the movie, possibly due to Ryan and Watson’s longstanding membership in the He-Man Woman Haterz Club.

However, this is Gabbing Geek, and not the All Ant-Man Report, so Tom and Jenny are sharing their thoughts on the movie in a single post.  See it behind the cut.  May be SPOILERS.  You’ve been warned.

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Ant-Man! Ant-Man! Every Version of Ant-Man Ever – YES, EVER!


Ant-Man – oh Ant-Man, you are the tiniest, and yet coolest man of all mans (men). And to celebrate your journey into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we present you with this evolution of every and all Ant-Mans (men) ever. YES, EVER!

Check out Ant-Man’s debut in “Man In The Ant Hill” (1962) all the way to “Current Ant-Man” (2015) in this awesome technicolor dream extravaganza infographic:

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Cephalothorax Cameos (Or Spiders, Spiders Everywhere)


Part of the reason I was hired on here at Gabbing Geek was because of a secret project I am working on.  (The other reason is because I give the best back rubs.)  So secret in fact, that the Geeks themselves are not aware of it and one day I will strike and take over the site and crush them like the the vermin they are!  Mwahahahahaha….um…ahem.  Forget you read that last part Jenny, Ryan, Watson and Tom.

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