The Fellowship of the Muppets


Sqqquuuuuueeeeeee!!!! This has to be one of the best all time mashups of all time! Lord of the Rings + Muppets in a epic onslaught of awesomeness!┬áCheck out the who’s who of this piece of art by Kenny Durkin:┬áThat’s Robin as Frogo, Bean as Samwise Bunny, Pepe as Peppin, Rowlf as Gandrowlf, Scooter as Legopher, Kermit as Arafrog, Fozzie as Bearamir, Gonzo as Gimzo, and Rizzo as Mizzo. So much cute I can’t handle it!

LEGO “Side by Side With A Friend”


Remember that time in Lord of The Rings where Legolas and Gimli are talking about dying, and they have that very heartfelt moment together – well – The Brotherhood Workshop made their own version of that scene out of LEGOS, and you don’t want to miss Gimli’s reaction to Legolas being…..well…..Legolas.

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Gabbing Geek Trivia Question Of The Day!

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