Review: Morning Star (Spoiler-Free)

rrseriesThe final book of the Red Rising series was released last week and for the first time in the trilogy I did not make it through the book in a day or two.  I found myself dragging my feet, both propelled forward to find out what happens next and also unwilling to see it all end.  Because it is all good.  So good.  And to have a series be this good and deliver on its promise is rare.  But I did finish, as these things must.  So jump after the break to read my spoiler-free thoughts on the conclusion of this epic tale.

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Bewitching Mithril Jewelry For Your Elvish Ways


Amin irma tincya en’ russe tuulo’ moriloomir! Which in Elvish means: “I would like some chain lightning.” ….. it’s the closest translation to AMAZING JEWELRY I could find. Short of being on the movie set of Lord Of The Rings, you won’t find anything more detailed and intricate as these pieces from  Etsy shop Lunarieen UK.

Every piece is delicately wire-wrapped with silver metals and true gemstones. The design representation ranges from elvish crowns, to magnificent teardrops and daggers, to dragon eggs. DRAGON EGGS? What say you now Daenerys Storm Borm – Mother of Dragons? Nothing. That’s what you say. See more amazing jewelry after the break:

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Dragons Made Of Paper Will Burn In Your Hearts & Not In Your Fireplace


Dragons are awesome. But Dragons made of paper mache are terrifyingly out of this world! All credit goes to Dan (the Monster Man) Reeder. Dan is a paper mache artist living in Seattle, Washington who’s been doing his own version of paper mache since 1972. Dan’s life goal is to spread the word about this under-rated, under-utilized art form. And we here at Gabbing Geek want to help bring awareness to Dragons. So it’s a win-win. I mean, can we all agree that Dragons are misunderstood creatures? All they need is a little love, gold, and hobbit meat. Is that too much to ask? See a Video and more great photos after the break.

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Geek Out On Shimmer Tats


Okay, so why in the world am I posting about temporary tattoos? Well, let’s just say that every now and again, something will catch my eye that makes me geek out. And right now, it’s shimmer tattoos! What the hell is a shimmer tattoo you ask? Good question!

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