Want To Read The First Three Chapters of Morning Star (Red Rising Book 3)? You Can…With A Catch

goldensonMorning Star will be published in February, 2016 but if you’re longing for a fix and want to read the first three chapters then author Pierce Brown will let you.  Provided that Golden Son wins the Goodreads Best Science Fiction award for 2015.  Pierce posted the tempting offer–a win for chapter leaks–on his Facebook page today and you have until November 23 to cast your vote.  If you already voted in earlier rounds those votes don’t count so head over to Goodreads immediately, cast your vote, and get everyone else to vote for it as well.  Because February is a lifetime and a Star Wars movie away.

Podcast Reaction: Thank Your Fellow Geek Edition


This week on the podcast, there was a lot of talk about box office stuff here and abroad.


Then there was a trivia game about addresses that led me to think Watson and I watched the same cartoons.

But in the middle of that was a Geek Mail from a friend of Watson’s thanking the show and the site for all the recommendations he’s gotten, so I’m gonna do something like that.

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